Thursday, October 28, 2004

The power of table-oriented programming: "The power of table-oriented programming "
Fel d 1 (Feline domesticus allergen 1)
Taming Tiger: Ocean and Synth meet Metal

Ocean is the new default Java look and feel, replacing the old Metal version. Synth is new and provides for the description of the look and feel through an external XML file.
Roaming charges: Trouble everyday
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

BUFF: A Biological Universal Forcefield Derived from Quantum Mechanics: "BUFF: A Biological Universal Forcefield Derived from Quantum Mechanics"
Magma vs Lava

Molten rock below the surface of the Earth that rises in volcanic vents is known as magma, but after it erupts from a volcano it is called lava.

Prohibition of Diviner's Sage
CHEM 310 - University of Waterloo

Inorganic Transition Metal Chemistry - Course Notes.
Moloc - a Molecular Design Software Suite
CCL.NET 2004.10.13-003

Manish Sud announces MayaChemTools (Perl scripts to manipulate SD and CSV/TSV text files).
Escalation in IT Projects: Can We Afford to Quit or do We Have to Continue? ... asks Urban Nulden in the following PDF
IBM developerWorks Publications of David Mertz
Statistical programming with R: Part 1. Dabbling with a wealth of statistical facilities
Statistical programming with R: Part 2. Functional programming and data exploration
Server clinic: R handy for crunching data
Even a chimp can write code: Good Code comes from Bad Code

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Ivana Ma
Overcoming Procrastination by Steve Pavlina: "Overcoming Procrastination "