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Creative-Reactive Balance

reflects the degree of balance between the creative dimensions and the reactive dimensions. The percentile score here gives you a sense of how you compare to other managers with respect to the amount of energy you put into reactive versus creative behavior. It also suggests the degree to which your leadership, relationships and goal oriented behavior is coming out of a creative or reactive orientation. It suggests the degree to which your self concept and inner motivation comes from within or are determined by external expectations, rules, or conditions.


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The RNA Modification Database, University of Utah

In general, the symbol "N" is preferred for modified nucleosides of unknown structure ...
Life 2.0: The little book of Flow - revised

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Doctors Ponder Fixing Heart Defect - "In the late 1990s, cardiologists started aggressively sealing PFOs in stroke survivors, in hopes of lowering their risk for further strokes. They threaded tiny implants into the heart through a hole in the groin, pulling them against the PFO's flap to seal it shut.

Then some implant recipients started reporting an odd side effect: Their migraine headaches went away. Subsequent research suggested at least 40 percent of people who suffer a severe type of migraine - the kind that comes with an 'aura' or visual disturbance - have fairly large PFOs."

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Testing Concurrent Programs (by Brian Goetz)

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Aviation Formulary V1.43. See also: Great Circle Mapper.
Aviation Formulary V1.43: "Aviation Formulary V1.43".
See also: Great Circle Mapper.

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Fuzz testing

How to test a program by feeding it files which contain random bad data.

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The cranky user: Your language usage matters - an article about dialog boxes and the confusion they can cause.

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WhyNot? Idea Exchange

Indeed. Why not!?

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Creating Passionate Users: Mediocrity by "areas of improvement": "By focusing on 'areas of improvement', we're putting a square peg in a round hole. What do we end up with? A crappy, rounded off peg who meets the minimum thresholds at the expense of their most kick-ass attributes."

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Distance measures:
Hamming distance. Number of substitutions necessary to transform one string into another, both having the same length.
Procr[a/u]stes distance. Possibly after alignment, sum of Euclidean distances of two sets of points, both having the same number of points.

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Symptoms of Morgellons disease.

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What Are Healthy Levels of Cholesterol?

The article actually answers that question.

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Testing legacy code

As the old Chinese saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Georg Simmel: Schopenhauser und Nietzsche
Vom Umgang mit der Langeweile: "Es gilt die 'lange Weile' zu akzeptieren und zu nutzen, um zu den eigenen Interessen zurückzufinden."
TripCheck - Road Cams, Road & Weather Conditions in Oregon - ODOT
Mastering Ajax, Part 3: Advanced requests and responses in Ajax: "Advanced requests and responses in Ajax"

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Slashdot | Scientific Brain Linked to Autism: "It is far more than lying and bullshitting. In a social situation, most people can talk naturally. They simply say what comes to mind. For someone with autism, they have little to no intuation. They literally have no concept of what to say or do. If it is severe enough, the only way they can perform in social situations is to observe how others act and react and mimic them when they are in similar situations. This is much more analytical than intuitive to do. If they can't choose a reaction they can't create one on the fly and will just freeze and say very little ('ah, i see') or nothing at all.

They also generally have a difficult time understanding and picking up on more subtle forms of communication. They only hear the words. They don't hear the emotion or inflection or notice the facial expressions, and they have a difficult time reading (or listening as it were) between the lines. Furthermore, they have a difficult time extrapolating the thoughts and feelings of another person. They can't 'put themselves in the other person's shoes.' Basically, if something isn't said, it doesn't exist to them. That is a crippling disadvantage in social situations."
Slashdot | Practical Mono: "'Once, I thought I had mono for an entire year. Turns out I was just really bored'"
Autism Research Centre - ARC Staff : 33

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Keeping Secrets - A simple prescription for keeping Google's records out of government hands. By Tim Wu
Pyromania - Definition, Description, Causes and symptoms, Demographics, Diagnosis, Treatments, Prognosis, Prevention: "The 1940 study is important also because it introduced the notion of an 'ego triad' of firesetting, enuresis(bed-wetting), and cruelty to animals as a predictor of violent behavior in adult life. Subsequent studies have found that a combination of firesetting and cruelty to animals is a significant predictor of violent behavior in adult life, but that the third member of the triad (bed-wetting) is not."
Democrats and Republicans Both Adept at Ignoring Facts, Study Finds: "The study points to a total lack of reason in political decision-making."

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UHH : Zentrum für Bioinformatik : Forschung
schaik93_4D.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Hoagies' Gifted Education: Plateauing
Implicit Theory of Intelligence and Achievement Goals among Hong Kong Secondary School Students: "The feeling of boredom can be partly explained by the adoption of the work avoidance goal by the students. Usually, the boredom feeling of the students during the lesson is believed to be induced by the ineffective and boring instructional method employed by the teachers. This study shows that individual factors such as the adoption of the work avoidance goal are also influential on the feeling of boredom. With the same class environment, students adopting the learning goal do not feel that their classes are dull whereas students adopting the work avoidance goal feel that their classes are dull."
Larry Doesn't Work Here Anymore
About Management - business management - people management - and more
Zeldman: Designing With Web Standards

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The Panda's Thumb
Home page for Robert E. Tuzun
Publications by Dr. Robert E. Tuzun: "Robert E. Tuzun, Donald W. Noid, and Bobby G. Sumpter, 'Computation of internal coordinates, derivatives, and gradient expressions: torsion and improper torsion', Journal of Computational Chemistry 21 553-561 (2000)."

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Brain Protein May Be Linked to Depression - Yahoo! News

Would the elevator go all the way to the top with some extra p11?
Programmable Logic DesignLine | An introduction to different rounding algorithms

Looks like a well rounded article.

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